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If you didn't know, I tried out for American Idol in July. I had theee most amazing time and met some ahhhhmazing singers. Seriously guys, there are super uber talented people out there. I was in heaven. After 16 hours of audition time, I finally learned my fate, I did not make it. The producers LOVED my voice and was told that repeatedly however it just wasn't what they were looking for this season. I was asked by 3 producers to come back next year because they did love me and my voice. Pretty awesome compliments right? I thought so. I can't show you many pictures till after the new season airs for contacts sake however when it does air I will be sharing some awesome pictures!

Weeks before I was going to audition, I couldn't decided on a song to sing to save my life. So what did I do, I recorded my voice on my phone and put them on facebook. People responded well and loved some songs however they kept saying I wish we saw you sing the songs. My mom had recently gotten an I-Pad and I was playing around with it one night. I found the camera and realized I could sing into it and then low and behold I could post it on YouTube. I decided to and then linked my video to facebook. The response was overwhelming! People liked seeing me while I was singing. So I decided to re-record all of my songs that were up for audition in 30 second clips and had really good feedback on it.

After American Idol, I decided to go on and record more songs. Soon they became full songs all with my mom's I-Pad. I started getting good feedback. I soon was finding famous YouTubers and was following them. Realizing how huge their audience and everything I got more advanced and I'm still working on better videos now. I recently went to a fellow YouTubers concert and met some of the most talented guys out there. I actually got to meet the opening act for Selena Gomez, Christina Grimmie who is seriously talented, y'all. She was just standing right next to me and we hit it off. Y'all she is super talent and super sweet, please check her out. Anyways, after that evening I have been recording more songs and have recently found some singers to colleborate with and I'm working with a producing company to put some of my songs on a CD! I have a fan page with people that I don't know on it and people from all over the world have now seen my YouTube Channel and have subscribed, etc. It's amazing how things work out. I'm seriously excited about this journey and the places that it is taking me.

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