The Army and the Greeks

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If you have followed me from my other blog..WELCOME! :)

As you should know or now you know I do promotional marketing as a side job currently. I'm looking to work it full time just trying to get some events that hire full time.

This past weekend I worked the Army Promo tour. It was an extremely long day on the feet and legs but it was so AWESOME. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was so neat. They had a fitness test area, apache flight simulators, pull up test, robots, etc. It was so neat. Also they had the actual helicopters there and afterwards we were able to see them take off. VERY COOL! If you ever get a chance to see that, definately watch. It's awesome.

Here's some pictures from the event:Me in front of the Apache Helicopter
Apache Helicopter Flight Simulators

I also got to go to Greek Fest with my mom on Sunday. It was my first time going but my mom goes every year. She got so many cookies, baklava, etc. Such yummy food! I loved it.

What did you do this past weekend?