Last Almost "Free" Weekend

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This weekend is my almost last free weekend for the next 3 months. Yes you heard that correctly. I am busy!

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I booked events, parties, etc. I have a few weekends off here and there but most of them I'm either helping someone out of going to an event and partying it up! LOL.

This weekend I was supposed to be going out of town with my brother and mom but that didn't end up happening. We are all too busy for that so hanging out when we have some time. The boyfriend has to work so unfortunately we won't be doing any cookouts, etc with him :(

I have plans with my friends for tonight to eat a the Melting Pot for a friend birthday (I've never been there before and I'm so excited!), See Sex and the City 2 with friends, my mom and bfs mom on Friday, See Shrek 4 and Robinhood at the Drive-Ins on Sunday, go to a Food Fest on Saturday, see the FLYERS kick some butt on Saturday night, go to a party Saturday night, and possibly see fireworks on Monday! Woo-I have a pretty jammed packed weekend!

Here a recap of just what my June Schedule is like:
June 4: Leave to go with some girls and my friend the bride to her hometown for a Bridal Shower
June 5: Bridal Shower in bride's hometown
June 6: Boyfriend's triathlon and Bride's 2nd Bridal Shower in area
June 12: Working with Marketing Company
June 13: Wine Fest with my dad 2 hours away
June 19-20: Helping Mom move
June 26-27: Helping Mom move and most likely working a NBA event (2 hours away!)

That's just my June Schedule! July is even crazier. I'm working way more hours in July and also have bachelorette party to plan and have the boyfriends family reunion. Then comes August when I work more and have my friends wedding.

The boyfriend and I planned a beach vacation that we want to take in September. I'm trying to find time right now to lock it down but with his crazy schedule its getting hard to find the time.

I think I need a nap! 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone. There is plenty to do in my area but I'm sure there's ton to do in your areas as well. Make the most of it and enjoy yourselves!

Much love, xoxo