Bridal Showers

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This past weekend was a busy one. On Friday night I went to my friend's hometown about 2 hours away with some others and we had her Hometown Bridal Shower on Saturday at a Country Club. It was lots of fun. Friday night we just sat around and drank champagne and played in the pool and whirlpool and then Saturday was so much fun. Lots of really good food and amazing cake. Seriously awesome cake.
Here are the most of the Bridesmaids. (From Left: Me, J, Sarah (yup another one and the bride) and C)

This cake was so good. No lie. Plus it was super cute too!

C and I rocking out before the shower!

Sarah rocking her bridal ribbon hat!

We all came home late Saturday night and Sunday morning was B's Triathelon! It was so much fun to watch him and he did amazing might I add. He finished 2 hours and 5 minutes. Not bad for his first one.

After his triathlon, I had to get ready for Sarah's second bridal shower closer to home. This was a Tea Party and it was fun as well.

This is a present from her shower. It is a bride that looks like Sarah but was filled with TONS of presents. Isn't it the coolest thing ever. Yeah I thought so! :) Oh and her bridal bouquet of ribbons is there!

Well that was was my weekend recap. Lots of fun stuff to do but I was really tired. This weekend will be no less tiring!!

What did you do this past weekend?

xoxo Sarah!