Jubilee Day

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Today is the largest one day street fair on the east coast: Jubilee Day!
This is the 82nd year of the fair and it's all kinds of wonderful.

I personally have never gone prior to the bf. I lived near there but my parents never took us. Last year was the first year I went and let me tell you it was SUPER FUN!

The streets are packed with people, there are crafts, wine tastings, and of course TONS of food. I love it and so does the bf since food and him are bffs. hehe.

I am taking off work half a day to go and enjoy it during the day and night. I'm so excited!

If you are ever on the east coast or live on the east coast and have never been to Jubilee Day, come and enjoy it! You will have a blast.

Well I'm off to a wonderful day!

Lots of Love, Sarah xoxo