It's Been Awhile

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I took a little blogging break for awhile. Sorry guys if anyone is still reading this anymore. I got busy with life and we all know how that is. I kept wanting to write but not to much would come out because I was so busy I couldn't even think.

Much has happened since my last time blogging. So much has happened. Let me try to recap the best way I can. If I forget anything I'll try to add it later.
Let's do this bullet point style:
  • The holidays were great! Lots of Love by families.
  • Went to Pittsburgh for New Year's Eve and it was quite the experince
  • Have been working a ton (3 jobs)
  • June-The boyfriend and I broke up after almost 3 years together. (More on that later)
  • Met a new boy
  • July-Auditioned for American Idol (More on the later)
  • July-Had surgery for endrometriosis
So that pretty much sums up some of my time away. Been working like crazy and just trying to enjoy life.

I'll be updating in the next few days.

Stay tuned,
Until next time, Sarah